Wednesday, November 14, 2007

London: Synbios, Barry and Francesking

My teacher in Francesking was not a common one. I'm not going to discuss every theme we used to learn english, because this is a PG rated blog (most of the time XD), but I'm going to write down one of our asignements. We had to write down a problem we had for him to solve it, as if he were one of those persons in magazines and newspapers that solve people problems.

He was always saying things like: "no, that's not right" and we asked him "why? I've listen/read that somewhere" and he said: "Because that's american". He wasn't really serious about it, but he said it anyway. And as ironic and sarcastic as I am, this was my problem that needed to be solved:

"Dear Barry,

I have a really big problem that only you can help me with. I've been watching too many TV series and movies (sorry, films. See? I'm doing it again) from the United States of America and now my english pronunciation and vocabulary is hazardously contaminated. I've tried to watch some british movies (sorry) but I don't really know that much of the british contritucion to the seventh art, so by the time I saw Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz, I was out of options.

But films (yes! I did it!) are not the real problem. Not at all. The real problem are the TV series, since that's were I spend most of my free time. There are so many USA series I like, that I can't just stop watching them. I can't forsake Hiro Nakamura and his quest on saving the world. I can't stop following Jack Bauer in his daily struggles to protect L.A. from terrorist attacks. I can't forget the Island, the 4 8 15 16 23 42 and the Others. What can I do when the only british series I like is The I.T. Crowd? Help me Please."

WoW, it seemed longer in paper ^_^'.


nem said...

Help me too, dearest Barry! OH, pants! i´m freaking contaminated as well. I should leave my canadian boyfriend and stay at home to keep untouched my beautiful british accent!-from sheffield "would you like a COOP of tea, petal?". Pero qué digo! si lo mío es el "espanish accent" de toda la vida... aaaaaaaaaaaaay

Casi me meo de la risa.. again. You, genious!

Synbios said...

Nem: pero nem, tu alguna vez has tenido acento britanico y tal, pero yo no XD

Timothy Barton said...

Try some Peter Kay. The most hilarious man ever.

There really is no such thing as a British accent though. I mean, try telling me what a Glasgow accent has in common with someone from Devon.

You could always watch the Queen's speech* on Christmas Day, if you want the stereotypical British accent!

PS Me refiero a la reina del Reino Unido, y no a la "reina de Inglaterra", a la cual muchos medios españoles se refieren. ¿Acaso no se dan cuenta de que la reina Ana, la última reina de Inglaterra, murió en 1714?